Startup Notes

Antonio García Martínez on the obscene startup world in Silicon Valley

May 31, 2017

In this episode, Startup Notes has a special guest from Silicon Valley: Antonio García Martínez. Antonio has been an advisor to Twitter, one of the first product managers on Facebook’s ad team, and the CEO/founder of AdGrok (a venture-backed AdTech startup that participated in Y Combinator and was later acquired by Twitter). More recently, he became known to a wider audience as the author of the New York Times bestseller “Chaos Monkeys”, in which he shares his experiences in the tech world and gives a behind-the-scenes look of Facebook and the supposedly ‘illustrious’ startup culture in Silicon Valley.

In this interview with Startup Notes, Antonio makes a deep dive and talks about what the culture in Silicon Valley is actually like, what makes Facebook special as a company and why he thinks the increasing automatization that gets accelerated by tech startups is a major threat to society. Lastly, he also gives advice on how startup founders can increase their chances to make it into the famous Y Combinator accelerator.

Are you interested to hear more about his views on startups and why you should not split the equity equally between founders when starting a company? Check out Startup Notes’ 1-hour video interview with him from 2015 on YouTube:

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