Startup Notes

Christian Miele on the status of digitization in Germany

March 22, 2017

Christian Miele is one of the most respected startup experts in Germany. From sketching out a business plan on a napkin to preparing a startup for an IPO, Christian is experienced in all stages of a company. While building a VC fund for Bertelsmann in India, he met Oliver Samwer, who convinced him to join Rocket Internet’s Global Venture Development elite team to roll out Westwing and Payleven. In 2012 he founded Todaytickets (sold to competitor Ticketea) and in 2014 he led the international expansion of Kreditech. Currently, Christian is a Principal at, one of the leading VCs globally. invests in early stage companies across the USA, South America, Europe and Asia. In this episode, Christian shares his secrets on how to “wow” a VC during an investment pitch, his opinion on the status of digitalization in Germany and why he thinks humbleness is one of most important traits in a founder.

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