Startup Notes

Christoph Gerber on staying humble and hungry even after a big exit

May 3, 2017

Christoph Gerber, is one of the smartest, humblest and most down-to-earth founders in the Berlin startup scene. In 2009, together with Jörg Gerbig and Kai Hansen, he started Lieferando - one of the first online food delivery startups in Germany. For ca. 5 years Lieferando went into an aggressive and controversial competition with Delivery Hero that included 30 lawsuits, police raids and DoS attacks. In 2014, Christoph sold Lieferando for more than €50M to the dutch Takeaway Group, which went public in September 2016 for an almost $1B valuation. Now, Christoph starts from scratch again, founding Talon.One, a Software-as-a-Service company with a powerful API that enables businesses to create, manage and analyze promotional marketing campaigns. In this episode, Christoph shares how hard it was to be one of the founders of Lieferando and why there is so much luck involved in success cases like theirs. He also explains why great entrepreneurs are the ones that won't quit and will keep on pushing even when the road gets rocky. Finally, he shares his advice to entrepreneurs to not let business take over who they are and to always keep the right balance in life.

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