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Doreen Huber on growing Delivery Hero and disrupting the catering industry with Lemoncat

January 17, 2018

Doreen Huber is one of the most respected female entrepreneurs in Germany. As the Founder & CEO of LEMONCAT, she is successfully digitalizing the market for business catering since 2016. After starting out as an entrepreneur in various companies with a strong focus on sales already in her twenties, she especially left a mark in the European startup scene (and beyond) in her roles as CSO at Lieferheld and subsequently COO of Delivery Hero (EUR 1bn IPO in 2017) from 2011-2013. Living and working in Berlin, Doreen is also an active angel investor in various companies. She holds a degree in Literature, Art History and Media Science from Humboldt University in Berlin.

LEMONCAT makes it easy for businesses to access convenient, fresh and delightful caterers all over the world by bringing the fragmented catering industry together in a digital one-stop solution. In Germany, the startup offers the country’s largest caterer network with more than 500 curated caterers to its clients, which are companies like airBnB, Salesforce and Adidas. Since its start, LEMONCAT has already served several hundred thousands of guests in 250 cities. The startup has more than 40 employees and successfully raised 9m EUR in funding so far.

In this episode, Doreen shares some behind-the-scenes insights and learnings of the crazy early days at Delivery Hero, discusses LEMONCAT's business model, assesses the current tech trends that will shape the future of the food industry, talks about the topic of 'women in tech' and gives her best advice to (female) entrepreneurs.

This episode was recorded at the McKinsey Experience Studio in Berlin on 12 December 2017 during Startup Notes’ first-ever live event, which was organized in partnership with Digital Shapers - a joint initiative between McKinsey and six corporate partners (Airbus, Bertelsmann, Lufthansa, Metro, SAP, and Zeiss).

----------------------------- Here is the full list of topics that we discussed with sales expert and catering industry disruptor Doreen Huber:

[01:38 – 08:00] Introduction of Doreen and the milestones of her career so far that led to founding LEMONCAT

[08:01 – 09:48] On the blurred lines between work and private life as a founder

[09:49 – 12:25] The customer journey of LEMONCAT

[12:26 – 13:21] On what makes LEMONCAT special within the catering industry

[13:22 – 16:00] The future trends and developments within the FoodTech industry

[16:01 – 18:20] Doreen’s learnings from the crazy early days at Delivery Hero in Berlin

[18:21 – 21:54] On the ‚secret sauce‘ of Delivery Hero’s success

[21:55 – 25:54] Doreen’s view on the topic of ‚women in tech‘

[25:55 – 28:36] Three pieces of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

[28:37 – 30:17] Doreen’s worst management decision so far [audience question]

[30:18 – 31:48] On the potential synergies between B2C and B2B sales within the catering industry [audience question]

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