Startup Notes

From Scratch 02 | Fabian Heilemann reveals the secret behind great business ideas

June 28, 2018

Dr. Fabian Heilemann rose into the spotlight of the European startup scene after founding DailyDeal together with his brother Ferry. In 2011, they sold the company to Google for $114m. Later, they went on to found FreightHub, which recently raised $23m. Currently, Dr. Fabian Heilemann serves as Partner at renown VC firm Earlybird.

In this second lecture of “From Scratch”, our moderator, Christian Miele (Principal at e.Ventures), and Fabian listed the criteria of great business ideas, explained how to identify them in a structured way, and outlined which future trends are offering business opportunities for future entrepreneurs.

„From Scratch“ is an exclusive series of masterclasses organized by Startup Notes in association with Digital McKinsey. It brings together Europe's top entrepreneurs, investors, and leaders to give their personal insights on becoming digital winners. The lectures are presented by Business Punk.

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