Startup Notes

Luis Hanemann on online marketing, growth and influencers

September 20, 2017

Luis Hanemann is without a doubt one of the biggest names in the European startup scene when it comes to online marketing and growth. Since 2015, he is a partner at venture capital firm Based in the VC’s Berlin office, he develops and implements strategic growth initiatives and provides operational support for portfolio companies around the world to ensure their competitive advantage. As a global VC firm, invests in early stage and growth stage emerging technology companies across the US, Europe, China and Brazil. The portfolio of includes well-known startups like Azimo, Groupon and Angie’s List.

Prior to, Luis served as Chief Marketing Officer at German online startups giant Rocket Internet. While at Rocket, he helped to identify and build proven Internet business models, which were then transferred to new, underserved or untapped markets where he scaled them into leading online companies.

Before joining Rocket Internet as CMO on a global level, Luis worked for several e-commerce companies like smava and eDarling and also managed own web projects. During his time at Rocket, he additionally founded the online marketing agency Trust Agents, which he still is a Partner of. Given his broad experience, Luis is a regular speaker at industry conferences in the fields of digitalization, internationalization and digital marketing.

In this episode, Luis talks about ‘everything online marketing’ - giving advice on SEO, sharing his view on the current trend of influencer marketing and answering some of our listeners' questions. He also describes why being a VC is a privilege and shares his learnings from each stage of his career so far with lots of tips for aspiring founders. 

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