Startup Notes

Olivier Ramel on building Kymono and why a strong company culture is key

October 17, 2019

Olivier Ramel is Co-Founder & CEO of Kymono. The Paris-based startup has developed into Europe’s leading „culture design“ company. As its core product, Kymono offers customized clothing for startups that is affordable, high-quality, and of the highest ethical standards. Companies like Airbnb, Zenly, Google, and LVMH are already wearing its clothes. Kymono’s ultimate vision goes further though: It wants to help its clients to infuse a company’s particular spirit into every object and space like their office.

Not even 30 years old, Olivier is a true young serial entrepreneur. Already while he was a student, he started his entrepreneurial endeavours. Before co-founding Kymono together with The Family in 2017, he has started and led 4 other startups.

In this episode, we talk with Olivier about his journey as an entrepreneur, why company culture is so important, and how to land your first customers.

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