Startup Notes

Robert Wetzker on making the jump from science to the startup world

May 16, 2017

Robert Wetzker is the Founder & CEO of Aklamio. Started in 2011, the company is today Europe’s technology leader in referral marketing with more than 3,000 brands using their services, generating sales uplifts of 20 percent and more. Aklamio’s technology enables customers to refer their friends via any number of next-gen tools, from social networks like Facebook and Twitter to mobile messaging apps such as WhatsApp. In a previous interview, Robert stated that he would have liked to become a Professor for Robotics. But having completed his Doctoral Thesis about “Graph-based Recommendation” and worked as a Freelance Data Analyst for a short time, he chose the entrepreneurial path instead. With its services Aklamio is now on its way to bypass the thousands of branded advertising messages that consumers are exposed to each day by leveraging the natural tendency towards person-to-person sharing. Having gone through the learnings of an entrepreneur in the last years, Robert has some unique insights to share. In this episode, he describes why it is important to find one good investor, why you should focus on your core product early on and why you should think twice about who to start a company with.

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