Startup Notes

Sascha Weiler on marketing operations and advice for first-time founders

March 28, 2018

Sascha Weiler is Founder & Managing Director at Homebell. The Berlin-based startup has taken on the challenge to digitalize home improvement and living space projects by offering reliable craftsmen services at a fixed quote and fair prices via its platform. Most recently, Homebell successfully raised 11m EUR.

Before founding Homebell, Sascha was Co-Founder at Hem, a design studio creating a new generation of sustainable furniture, accessories and lighting. Prior he worked for Rocket Internet and was part of the founders team of Casacanda, which was successfully sold to for $10m. After the exit, Sascha served as Executive VP Europe at Fab.

In this episode, we are making a deep dive with Sascha into marketing operations. He shares his advice on how to proper set up your online marketing campaigns, startup fundraising efforts, and how to put learning experiences over making money in the short term.

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