Startup Notes

Special: Common Traits of Successful Founders

April 24, 2019

Inspired by numerous requests of our listeners, we have created some special episodes based on different key themes. We put together the best pieces of timeless advice that we found most insightful from all the conversations with founders and VCs that we have published so far.

In our second special episode, we focus on the traits of great founders. Find out what successful entrepreneurs have in common - we hope you enjoy!


01 - Christoph Gerber (Talon.One, former Lieferando)

[01:52 - 03:46] What mindset entrepreneurs should have


02 - Uwe Horstmann (Project A Ventures)

[03:50 - 05:34] What traits and skills of founders stand out for early-stage VCs

[05:35 - 07:57] The #1 trait of great entrepreneurs

[07:58 - 12:02] What startup CEOs must do and what they should not


03 -  Julian Riedlbauer (GP Bullhound)

[12:06 - 14:43] Being ahead of the market and knowing when to change roles


04 - Jasper Masemann (HV Holtzbrinck Ventures)

[14:48 - 16:52] How founders leave a lasting positive impression with VCs


05 - Friedrich A. Neuman (

[16:56 - 18:47] Which traits founders need to bring to the table

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